What Does a Men's Club Do?

  • Offer Programming for Men
  • Support Congregational Youth Financially and Through Programs
  • Enhance Jewish Observance at the Synagogue and at Home
  • Increase Involvement in the Jewish Community
  • Work on and Expand Projects to Support the Congregation
  • Create Camaraderie and Ruach
  • Provide Social and Recreational Activities
  • Enhance an Understanding of World Jewry and its Problems

So You Want to Start a Men's Club!

Although a Men's Club, by its very name, is an organization centered on the men of a congregation and their needs and interests, there are other people in the congregation key to getting things started. Probably the most important of these is the synagogue clergy. While much of your programming might ultimately be in the social and recreational realm, it is important that you show your clergy how the Men's Club will assist them by providing more committed men for various synagogue activities.

You should also discuss the formation of a Men's Club with your congregation's Executive Director, the Education Director, and the Youth Director. All of these people will have a stake in what your Men's Club will be doing, so it doesn't hurt to get them "on your team" from the start. The Federation of Jewish Men's Club's Executive Director and our Chairman of Club Services will be glad to talk to you and your rabbi to explain what a Men's Club can do.

Next, you need a small cadre of men who share your feelings about forming a Men's Club. These men will be able to help you get things started and to brainstorm on getting your first few events off the ground.

With the support of congregational clergy and a few other men, you will be well on your way to starting a Men's Club.

What Does a Men's Club Do?

Download a Basic Set of Men's Club/ Brotherhood Bylaws.

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