Our International Organization

The FJMC is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives elected from all of the FJMC's 16 regions. An Executive Committee comprised of eleven elected officers and four appointed members guide the organization, and it is assisted by an appointed Presidential Cabinet, whose members are assigned specific support activities.

In order to better serve our members, the FJMC is divided into 16 Regions across the United States and Canada. Each Region is the direct link between the FJMC and its member clubs. Not only do the Regions implement various FJMC programs, but they also run their own retreats, honoree functions, newsletters, and other activities for the benefit of their members. A few clubs are located outside of regional boundaries, and these are given special assistance by the FJMC's Chairman of Club Services. In addition, a new region is being developed in India to serve Jewish men in several cities there.

Membership Benefits

Individuals are most directly affected by the activities of their own Men's Clubs and Brotherhoods. The FJMC provides assistance to its clubs in a variety of ways. First, the FJMC has trained a cadre of consultants to provide direct programming assistance to clubs. Some of these consultants provide specific advice and leadership in the area of Keruv (outreach to families with a dual-faith marriage).

The FJMC has also developed several programs for use at the club level - men's issue programs, Yom HaShoah memorial candle, the World Wide Wrap and encouragement of the use of tefillin and Men's Club Shabbat. Individual members receive discounted

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